Q-Link Testimonials


Jure Robic - 2008 Race Across America Winner - 4 Time RAAM Champion
After I started wearing Q-Link, I soon noticed improved endurance, faster regeneration after many hours of trainings and easier focusing on positive thinking. I also feel better when I am not training, so I feel very confident for the top competition challenges.

Justin Rose - 2007 European Tour Order of Merit Winner, 2008 Ryder Cup Team Member
You can walk up and down the range and look for drivers, putters, and wedges - but there are not many products that have been as successful as the Q-Link in terms of victories on the PGA Tour.

Nick Faldo -3-Time US Open and Masters Champion
I've been using a Q-Link for a couple of months now and I have seen a marked improvement in my sleeping patterns.

Charles Howell III - 2001 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year
I've been wearing my Q-Link now for four years and I absolutely know that Q-Link will help you and everybody else out there with their golf games.

Val Doyle - Partner, Riley Chartered Accountants (www.rileycom.co.uk)
I initially came across Q-link through a work connection and was curious but a little sceptical at first.

I bought my Q-link in August 2005 (silver pendant) and within just a couple of days, I felt calmer. The only way I can describe this is that my arms feel floppy! This feeling has remained.

I used to suffer from the occasional anxiety attack before I wore the Q-link and I have not had an attack since I started wearing one. That's not to say that I don't feel anxious any more - I still do from time to time, it's just that I seem to be naturally more able to deal with it than before.

Apart from this it is a lovely piece of jewellery and I am often complimented on it.

I can honestly say that I would not be without it, in fact, I am never without it as I wear it all day every day, even in the shower!

Robert Teifeld, Ph.D. - Biomedical Researcher
This technology, which has been shown to have biological effects on the cellular level, [can unlock] a complete transformation of who we think we are, and what we are capable of knowing and accomplishing.

Kim A, Jobst, MD - Visiting Professor of Healthcare and Integrated Medicine Oxford Brooks University, United Kingdom
Emerging evidence from early clinical, cellular and molecular studies of the effects of Q-Link on cardiovascular, immune and central nervous systems is startling.

Stu Mittleman - World Champion Long Distance Runner and Record Holder
The Q-Link Pendant creates higher energy, greater endurance, improved focus and concentration-all essential for running a marathon.

Franz Wohlfahrt - Member of the Austrian Soccer National Team
For high-performance athletes recreation is extremely important. By using the Q Link pendant I am able to make optimum use of the recreation periods and achieve my top energy level much faster. I recommend everybody who wants to improve his well-being and his performance to use the Q-Link Pendant.

James H - Sales and Marketing Manager Arford - UK
I had always been a real sceptic when it came to products offering a quick and simple solution to health problems. However when you can't remember the last time you had a good nights sleep and years of trying to work out why, you find you are willing to try most things. I was introduced to the Q link only a few months ago and would now not be without it. My general sleep pattern has improved significantly. An added side effect has been a noticeable reduction in the lower back pain I have been suffering from as a result of years of dinghy sailing.