Clarus Institute


The Clarus Institute™ is a division of Clarus Transphase Scientific, Inc., founded in 1991 by Robert O. Williams to develop beneficial human and commercial applications of its proprietary technology called "Sympathetic Resonance Technology™" or "SRT™".

The Company manufactures and sells a range of Clarus Products using SRT™ under the Q-Link® and other brand names, and has become a pioneer in establishing a scientific and commercial foothold in the emerging arena of  "Field-based Technologies" and their applications.

Clarus Products and their proprietary technology address the needs of consumers in the wellness market, a global market that experts expect to exceed US$1 trillion in the next five years.

Our wearable and passive products presently fall into the sports/health products segment of that market.

In addition, SRT™ processing has applications across many other segments of the wellness market, including water and healthy beverages, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and skin care products, spa/fitness centers and health facilities, as well as educational and sports programming.